Portal Unleashed GCFs


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I was wondering if the Portal GCFs (by unleashed) were "tampered" with in any way, in other words is it safe to use on a legit account (specially the source 2007 gcfs). I just want to be safe.
Well.. I don't think that they are tampered in any way.
Please download the following files:
CF Toolbox
UCL 1.1

First, you need to install UCL 1.1.
Then you extract what is in side of SteamEmu.rar in to the UCL 1.1 Installation folder and replace the file inside of it.
Run UCL 1.1 once and you will see a SteamApps folder then.
Move your GCF files for Portal in to that folder.
To see the game in UCL, you have to click one of the menus at the top and something about refreshing the list (i forgot..).

CF Toolbox is a program to check your GCF Files to see if they are original/updated. CF Toolbox could also download Steam files.

If you need any more questions/help, just PM me!

BTW!! I added the above stuff just if you need them ;)
I never used those GCFs... I need some help.
I downloaded The Orange Box torrent with these folders: Source2007GcfAll, Portal, Half-Life2EpisodeTwo and TeamFortress2. Each folder have in it some GCFs files.
I tried to put "Source2007GcfAll" GCFs in SteamApps folder, and I tried to put "Portal" in SteamApps and SoureMods.
I opened UCL, refreshed, and all I got in the list is "Steam". No "Portal" or anything...

What am I doing wrong?
You need to put the others GCFs too, not only the Source2007, for example, if u want to play Portal put in steamappss folder these GCFs:

portal content.gcf
portal english.gcf
source 2007 binaries.gcf
source 2007 shared materials.gcf
source 2007 shared models.gcf
source 2007 shared sounds.gcf
source materials.gcf
source models.gcf
source sounds.gcf

When u have this GCFs in ur steamppfolder delete de Portalfolder in ur source mods and steamapps because u dont need em

Open UCL refresh and that is all.
I was missing these files:
source materials.gcf
source models.gcf
source sounds.gcf

Downloading through a torrent. By the way, why I can't login in CF Toolbox? I tried many things and still "Incorrect Password".