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I thought I I thought I knew all the tricks to prevent Valve from disabling all of the accounts you have logged into on your PC but what I have found happening seems to suggest otherwise.

As you probs know from my older posts I phish accounts here and there for free games ect.
Anyway I always delete the clientregistery.blob and run this command in a .reg file


I try to prevent users from reclaiming accounts by logging into their support accoutns and pretending to be a valve employee saying ‘your accounts has been disabled forever blah blah blah’ and while I expect individual accounts to be disabled here and there what I am finding is all the accounts I have logged into get disabled.

First thing I did was to restart rooter to get different IP for every time I logged into a new account as well as using a proxy to connect to steam support so that no two support accounts were logged into under the same IP and no two steam accounts were logged into under the same IP. Well you get the idea. I also still deleted the clientregistery.blob and ran my .reg before logging into a new account.
Even after this when sometimes an account gets disabled all the accounts I have logged into recently get disabled too and I am unsure how this is happening. Accounts I logged into weeks ago are not disabled but accounts within the last week or so (perhaps longer) are disabled.

In the registry I run the following in an attempt to remove anything steam could use to disable all the accounts:


Even multiple accounts are still getting disabled. I don’t understand how valve is able to do this. If they are doing it through IP (which I thought they didn’t do anyway) they should be unable to and according to other sources I have removed all info on my pc valve could use to disable multiple accounts.

Any ideas?

The mian problem is accounts that I am not stealing are being disabled if i log in with them on this pc.


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Are you using the same email for the accounts you take?? Steam doesn't allow multiple accounts under the same email address, they will disable accounts that use the same email for more then one account. I made this mistake years ago when I first started, it's a Noob Mistake.

Also, I have no idea why you are going through your registry, I've never done that and my accounts don't get disabled. Looks to me you are taking unnecessary steps to protect yourself and it's not doing anything. I also never delete the .blob file unless steam (the program) is having issues. I did use a proxy though, don't know if it really helped at all.

It sounds like to me either your IP isn't changing when you "restart rooter" and steam has your IP, or the range your IP is in and are locating you through MAC address.

The ONLY time I've had steam disable multiple accounts, the same way you stated above, is the 1 time I went into a public steam chat and put a phish site in there, then I tried to phish someone in there. Turned out that they worked for steam.... so they got my IP and then the account I was on and any account that my IP was the last to touch got disabled. I lost over 40+ accounts that day.

So, I'm wondering how you are phishing? (Like are you using a site, are you steam msging people for the info, are you using an account stealer, etc.)

Just on a side note, I no longer phish... this is all previous knowledge from the days when I use to phish.


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thanks all for your help. I have not tried the program you suggested but I have looked more into preventing valve from disabling.

I figured the problem before was while i deleted all the registery information the files used by the steam.exe collected data that valve uses to disable. I was unawear of this.

However my new technique is to both remove registery info and install a fresh copy of steam and copy this into a new directory so that each steam.exe is only used with one account. This being done I still found all the accoutns where disabled some of which had no reason to be disabled so from one accounts being disabled others were to. Now I simply do not see how this is happening and one thing i thought of was IP but I tested for this also by logging in to a steam account on another PC running on the same network and it was not disabled!

Any suggestions? I'm goona try this STAUNCH's Prevention Tool now although I thought what I was doing was the equivalent. If i delete both the files and the registry information what can vlave possibly be using to tie the accounts together? How to they get to one account to the next? I really don't know :D.

I hope its something simple that I am missing, perhaps not removing everything ect ect.

Any suggestions? thx


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Not everyone has an account there... how about you copy and paste what's over there here.
Sorry I never saw you write that. Here you go:


Here is the download link: Download
The password to the archive is: preventdisable

Credits to Staunch at

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