I see alot of people are having problems using HLDSupdatetool and SRCDS even though it's very simple with few command line switches. So I saw the idea of someone using batch files to instantly start the process of download the games. Being a VB.NET programmer I thought it'd be cool to make a GUI program that would make this task as easy as possible.

  1. Easy game download + install [Done]
  2. Easy to use [Done]
  3. Mod downloader [98%]
  4. CFG maker [60%]
  5. Updater [0%]
  6. No need to figure out command line switches [Done]
  7. Error free [50%]
  8. Easy server launch [Done]
  9. SRCDS booster [0%]
  10. Help guides [12.426%]

LOL I FORGOT THIS THREAD WAS HERE! DOWNLOAD: www.ecct2.com/ss/EasyServer.rar
Looking good Eric, keep it up :)
I hope to get some more work into programmer this week. I have actually been developing my own little project I will show off soon.
Works with everything. I just have problem with my mod installer. I keep getting an error. The ziplib library downloads and extracts to a directory specified.

Those screenshots are outdated to version 0.01, since then I haven't been able to run it lol.
l00ks good dude i dont see why so many people were having issues with the normal update tools etc..
hi, it looks great!!i hope u finish
we are were to try stuff like that xD
so we can own steam:p Good luck
dam you!!
im a little slow in english.. but i think you can understand that im waiting for the release....
i wanted to see you write in my language....stff
Holy crap, that looks sweet.

If I'm not mistaken, it makes it extremely easy to make a dedicated server for any game?

If so, I need this, because no matter how much I try, I keep getting errors starting a Gmod 10 server with illpillow's ServerManager or whatever.