Prime World: Defenders Update Released

Prime World: Defenders 0.99.1969
Patch Notes

• Screen resolution fixes. Everything is nice and smooth now, full screen mode should work on Windows 8 devices and Macbook with Retina display.
• Drop rate changes. Tweaked drop chances for rare and unique cards, you should get them more often now.
• 50% increase in silver awards for random missions.
• Difficulty increase for random missions. Difficulty increased from 5% to 27% based on level.
• Some price changes in store.
• Hotkeys for camera movement and rotation.
• Right-click to cancel tower placement.
• Tweaked voices a bit. We will make game voices event-dependent later, right now we've just made them less often.
• Minor interface changes.
• AOE Mortar bug fixed.
Please, note, game is still in beta and that's why it connects to our servers - we need your gameplay stats to tweak balance. Release version will not require online connection.

Bonus stats:
Beta is out for two weeks already, here are some stats to celebrate:
• 1,22 million of game sessions
• 10 million towers built
• 1 billion creeps killed (estimated)
• 2,2 million spells used
• 100 thousand boosters bought
• 85 thousand talents bought
• 115 thousand towers evolved
• 200 thousand towers fused
• 300 thousand achievements unlocked