Privet Vsem!

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:D tarantino learn how to fuck*ng speak Russian man and then speak it... don't put Russian language down by writing it some next stupid way u get me?? omg and what was this for? was it for me?

---> Quote:
sosi xuy moskalyu.
ok nahuy u all stop fighting
we all cool heir. Nahuy i hate old russians to cause of famin :(
but russian that are heir are different so plz respect ukrainian and russian ppl
for union :D
москалi пiшли нах звiдси пiдорастiческi iстоти.
tarantino stop swearing in UKR I understand everything wtf is that for?

moskali poshli nahuj ??? pidorasticheskije ??? lol

w00t00f00k man ?
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