Problem to play: Servers too busy


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Hey ..
I found this community yesterday. I decided to crack the game HLІ Episode Two on my Steam account (not blank) ..
I have :

1) Downloaded SteamUp! v2.1.4 and install the 3 files in Steam folder
2) Downloaded the 5 GCF files related to the game, and install them in steamapps folder:

episode two content.gcf (Part 1)
episode two content.gcf (Part 2)
episode two maps.gcf
episode two materials.gcf
half-life 2 episode two english.gcf

3) I have launched Launcher.exe (in Steam folder)

My account opened, i saw "Half-Life 2: Episode Two" in my installed games, with a message: "Download starting..." (who don't change)
And when i click "Launch", it show the message "The Steam servers are currently too busy [...]" ...

Can you help me, please ?
What is wrong ? No solutions ?



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i got the same problem and my cf toolbox cant update and when i start steam without launcher it says its preloadet and when i launch with launcher it says it tsarts the download