Problems with running a mod on cracked HL2: EP2


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Since running mods on a legit copy of HL2 became such a hassle thanks to the latest SteamPipe update I've decided to download an older copy of HL2 of TPB. Here is the link:

I installed it and it runs like a charm. The mod I'm trying to run is Nightmare House 2. It's a HL2: EP2 mod.

So I've copied the mods folder to where hl2.exe is, then I have created a shortcut with -game NH2 thingy. When I launch it, it displays the NH2 logo and then crashes. The error is: "SetupArrayProps R: array prop 'null' is at index zero"

A quick search told me that I tired to run a Source 2007 mod on a Source 2009 game. What I'm guessing is that I need the SDK 2007 installed.

Now the big question. How? I looked around and I noticed that there are lots of Steam launchers and cracks. What I need is a launcher that will only install the SDK for me and launch my mod. I don't want to download launchers that mess with Steam in any way, because I don't want to risk losing my legit account. I know that there are launchers that work with both legit and non-legit accounts, but I would rather not mess with that.

Probably the best way would be to manually install the SDK, but I'm not sure if that's even possible.

Can someone please help me out? I just want to make a working copy of HL2 where I will be able to install and play any mod just like I did before the dreaded SteamPipe update.

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