Project: VAC2 Bypass Need people


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Hi if theres anyone who wants to run VAC2Bypasser with me should contact me through PM. We will try to bypass a Counter-Strike:Source VAC Server so we can join Vac servers everytime.
We will start on Friday and will connect to a Server which will be bypassed like p3ng3l said if it works. I will give you a Server IP then which we are trying to bypass .. if there are like 10 people i think that this will work we have to connect to the SAME Server in the SAME time. PM ME if ur interested


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Its like this... The more people pushing on a door, the faster the door falls...... this door being Vac. If a lot of people push on the "Vac door" of one specific server, it becomes overwhelmed. Thus letting us in.


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We will be able to play on all VAC servers :) look at there are some information very good site...
nice metaphor flv :D just like flv explained.. your blank created Account's ID will be saved and we can join all Vac

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