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    Build is currently available!
    Next time you restart your Steam client you will download this update.

    If you hadn't already, please delete your user files:
    In the previous build, we had updated a few things that require you to delete all files recorded in ..\My Documents\My Games\SimBin\...
    Please browse to ..\My Documents\My Games\ and delete the folder called "SIMBIN"

    - Fixed a game crash when NumPad "+" was pressed while a ghost was on the track
    - Aquila is not put into orbit anymore when driving over anti-cut bumpers (aka "anti-gravity stones").
    - Various localization fixes
    - Various menu fixes to allow for longer text labels.
    - The Cancel button on the controller template selection popup now works
    - User should no longer end up with no steering input applied to his car
    - Fixed an issue where the visible Start / Finish line would not match the actual invisible plane that triggers the lap completion.
    - Enabled handbrake for all cars. Only works if the track is a hillclimb stage.
    - Various menu tweaks
    - Driver's helmet in prototype cars is no longer affected by motion blur
    - Apex Hunt now features challenges for each track layout the user owns.
    - Fixed an issue where some items in the crowd were not affected by motion blur.
    - The "i" button (Information) on an Apex Hunt challenge now brings you to a more polished information panel
    - Fix for Motec (now called "Data display") that became transparent in certain driving views.
    - Fixed a freeze that occured on some machines when "RESTART" was clicked.
    - Fixed a case where the selection of Apex Hunt challenges could break
    - Fix for "Server Returned Error 103" on Leaderboard Challenge at Bathurst with the BMW 635csi
    - In Track Test, with AI drivers OFF, a raceline can now be enabled
    - Fixed a case where split times information would not be displayed in Motec after hitting restart
    - Motec split times now correctly compare to the all time best time
    - Wheel rotation setting is now applied from pause menu without requiring to reload the track
    - Menus should no longer contain any placeholder assets
    - Apex Hunt challenges now display the car class icon.
    - Fixed backfires animations on ghosted cars that were not affected by ghosting effects
    - Player's car no longer looses its contact shadow when an AI car is nearby.
    - Fixed a glitch with the initial position of the cockpit steering wheel when cycling through driving views
    - Canhard R51 no longer hits the rev limiter in Portimao Club Chicane straights
    - Various art fixes on cars (holes in the 3D model seams)
    - Various fixes to blinking shiftlights that were triggered a lot.
    - A.I. tweaked so that it doesn't hit cones while exiting the pitlane in Bathurst
    - Fixed a sound glitch occuring when restarting a replay
    - The Canhard r51 driver arms are now correctly disabled if the user selects to disable driver arms rendering in the options.
    - A.I. tweaked so that the Corvette can now negotiate first and third corner of Hockenheim Short correctly
    - Ghost no longers hides the brake markers of the raceline
    - Clicking the "BACK" button multiple times and quickly no longer makes the in-game browse disappear.
    - Ghosts no longer shoot constant backfires
    - Enabled support for diphtongs in menu and HUD
    - Camera is now properly reset in its correct position when the user hits RESTART right after hitting a wall
    - Cougar C14/1 and C14/2 - Leaderboard Challenge replays are now correctly saved
    - Fixed a case where backfires would still be triggered even if the engine is turned off
    - Fixed a case where binding "Neutral" to a button would cause issues with gear changes
    - McLaren's brake callipers now correctly receive shadows
    - Sector times notifications now remain displayed on HUD longer

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