RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Released

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    Open Beta is available (hotfixes)

    Next time you restart your Steam client, you will download this update.

    - Fixed a crash when going into options with certain systems / triple screen resolutions
    - Fixed a case where some systems would always invalidate the user's laptime when crossing the finish line
    - Fixed auto-detection of hardware that could sometimes act up and apply improper settings
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when changing visual settings between two gameplay sessions
    - Fixed Apex Hunt Expert challenge for RaceRoom Raceway Bridge and Hockenheim GP that had too easy targets.
    - MediaHub now shows information about the currently selected screenshot in the lower right corner
    - The menu that appears at the end of a Hillclimb run was missing the browser bar
    - Fixed a case where the user could not delete a screenshot from the MediaHub
    - Fixed a case where the cockpit cam animated driver would be stuck in a full lock position
    - Bezel corrected resolutions should now correctly be saved between two game starts
    - Fixed a conflict between the menu setting for transmission (auto/manual) and the keyboard shortcut to toggle transmission mode while driving (F4 key)
    - Fixed a case where destroying the car would not return the player to the garage as long as the car was moving
    - Losing a wheel is now properly considered terminal damage for the car
    - Updates to login screen, splash screen and minor fixes to the menus

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