RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Released

RaceRoom Racing Experience Has Been Updated.

Game & Code:
• Novice Mode. A new mode with numerous auto-assists for beginners.
• TrackIR support. (Please update the game list in your TrackIR software to get R3E profile exposed on the list)
• Memory Optimizations.
• Fixed an issue where car image was overlapping the scrollbar in Apex Hunt info screens.
• Fixed an issue where the player Get Real car setup would not save in Zandvoort GP.
• Removed scrollbar from apex hunt info screen.
• Fixed option descriptions where they wouldn't fit the given space.
• Fixed an issue where AI would take over if player paused during the initial run up of a Leaderboard Challenge session.
• Fixed some DirectX related leaks that could cause performance issues.
• Improved the Swingman Camera.
• Fixed an issue where the Game Settings pane was showing Amateur, despite selecting Get Real as difficulty.
• Fixed an issue where game would not start when challenging someone or launching an event via the website from an external browser.
• Fixed an issue where the player still could control camera and change TC in pause/garage menus in Hillclimb tracks.
• Optimized replays.
• Hud improvements in Replays.
• Fixed an issue where Launcher was running every time player started the game.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video resolution.
• Pause menu now shows which track layout player is on, rather than just the track.
• Fixed an issue where free flight camera was not removing HUD elements.
• Fixed an issue where the game video settings would reset the refresh rate to 60hz, despite changing it to something higher and restarting to apply the change.
• Smoke/dust particles from a session now reset when restarting the race.
• Added extra logging functionalities to help us investigate why some of our players are having communication issues with our server (error code 2).
• Fixed an issue where raceline wasn't showing if player deletes the local ghost file.

Art & Art Code:
• Updated Reflections on all cars.
• Tweaked and improved the shader/graphics on rims.
• Removed unused rendering functionality that was active when dynamic reflection is enabled.
• Fixed an issue where parts of the car weren't rendering in chase cam view.
• Various art fixes in Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts.
• Various art fixes in RaceRoom Raceway.
• Fixed an issue where Portimao National was casting the wrong shadows.
• Fixed an issue in Portimao with granstand shadow disappearing and reappearing depending on player car position.
• Fixed a collision issue in Zolder where car could clip through a crew member.
• Fixed a minor inconsistency on Zakspeed Capri's hud shift indicator.
• Fixed minor flickering issues on Alpina B6 GT3 lights.
• Fixed minor flickering issues on Mistral 530 lights.
• Fixed a minor animation issue on driver in BMW M3 GT2.
• Fixed minor driver and interior issues in McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722 GT.

AI, Physics & Audio:
• Fixed & improved BMW Z4 audio.
• Fixed AI shaking the DMD P20 at leaderboard challenge starts.
• Tweaked cut track rules in Monza. Player can no longer use the dirt on exit of final chicane.
• Fixed issue where BMW 320 was hitting the rev limit for long periods in some tracks.
• Tweaked gear ratio for Canhard R52 and fixed issue where it was hitting the rev limit in some tracks.
• Tweaked gear ratio for P 4/5 Competizione

Portal & Web Backend:
• Improvements in the web backend for better performance.
• Fixed an issue where the first name of a player was appearing several times on some of the right column of Competition pages.
• Fixed an issue where Leaderboard global position was sometimes incorrect when applying certain filters.
• Player will be directed to the competition lederboard after exiting the competition.
• Added Autofiltering for when clicking leaderboards from in-game.
• Fixed an issue where double boxes would appear in Leaderboards, when selecting Driver drop down menu.
• Fixed and issue where friends could appear in pending and in friends lists at the same time.
• Fixed an issue where Leaderboard entries did not reflect the player's current Profile setting.
• Fixed issues with leaderboard updater where changing your firstname and lastname wouldn't affect leaderboards.
• Challenge participate buttons are now removed when a competition is over.
• Fixed missing information in the popup window player gets, when challenging a ghost of a car they do not own.
• Car/Class filter is now in alphabetical order.
• Implemented Class based competition support.
• Fixed issue with custom widget where after adding an URL, it would take user out of the portal.
• Fixed issue where in the in-game browser sometimes 2 tabs were showing as marked at the same time.
• Fixed challenge button in the leaderboard widgets.
• Added summary info in the competition sidebar.
• Improved 404 error page.