RailWorks Update Released

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    Updates to RailWorks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    • New Powerful Scenario Editing View: Clearer layout, improved feedback and functionality
    • New Localisation Tools allowing customisable language editing
    • Increased performance on derailment
    • New On-Screen Icons to indicate Wheelslip and AWS warnings
    • Gears changing when driving Diesel Mechanical rail vehicles
    • Fix to crash when using TAB to pass signals
    • New functionality and improvements to prevent AI trains reversing in unusual circumstances
    • Mark locomotives as 'Dead/Broken'
    • Define axles as powered/unpowered
    • New waypoint instructions in Scenario Editor to aid pathing
    • Cycle through multiple passenger views
    • Fix to headlight issues when switching cabs
    • Fix to display of Scenario and Transfer Point markers
    • Offset Tool now allows creation of parallel track
    • Improvement to Gradient Editing over the placement of Decal assets
    • New functional 'Marshalling' instructions in Scenario Editor
    • Take screenshots using Ctrl+S
    • Many foliage overhang track fixes
    • SPRR and DRGW chaircars now have appropriate brakes and a fix to passengers alighting correctly
    • Repaired terrain around Gateshead where the track was floating
    • Updated night scenarios to make use of night time weather
    • Reviewed RailSimulatorUS asset list, removing some dummy objects and properly categorising others.Fix to scenarios "Pea Souper", "Return Ticket", "Big Trouble in Tyne Yard", "Sleep Tight", "Short, Sharp, Shunt" & "Moving Boxes"

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