Railworks Update Released

Updates to Railworks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Important Information
  • Save Files are now binary so you will not be able to Continue from old save files
New Stock
  • BR 143 Electric Locomotive
  • BR 151 Electric Locomotive
  • BR52 Steam Locomotive
  • BDnzrf Driving Trailer Coach
  • FAS 126 Hopper Wagon
  • FALNS Hopper Wagon
  • KKW Bogie Tank Wagon
  • ABn First/Second Class Coach
  • Bn Second Class Coach
  • Gbs254 Van
  • Ibbhns Refrigerated VanOmm52 Open Wagon
Route improvements
  • Upgraded models of stations and buildings on the Hagen – Siegen routeUpdated signalling and inclusion of PZB on the Hagen – Siegen & Seebergbahn routes
Improved Signal Functionality
  • HP, KL and KS signalling systems
  • Schedules definable to the second for departure and arrival.
  • Option to make exceeding the signal, line or locomotive max. speed of more than 5 km/h to trigger an emergency brake application.
  • Option to make passing a red signal, cause the scenario to end.
  • Improved PZB functionality with new in-cab sounds.
  • H/V system with double or triple info signals.
  • HL system with multiple info signals through combination of main and distant signals.
  • KS system for modern routes with main, pre and multiple sector signals.Source Code for the additional German signalling to be made available to allow further extension of the signalling system.
Other improvements and fixes
  • ScenarioProperties now have BlueprintSetPreLoad
  • Blueprint Editor failing to open fixed
  • Turntables and Traversers memory leak fixed
  • Latitude -32 and -38 terrain import fixed
  • Error Dump files now include version number
  • Speed limit reporting improved
  • Broken Consists now detected on scenario load
  • Asset Editor prevented from opening in fullscreen mode
  • Night nodes on loft geometry now work correctly
  • User hints fixed
  • Picking rail vehicles in the 2D map fixed
  • Uncoupling engines in free roam creates a new service for the uncoupled section
  • Defensive check to prevent crashes in 2D map when missing track linked object blueprints
  • Extra warning information in scenario editor.Fixed lighting on low quality water shader to ligh correctly at night