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i thought you had to extract gcf files to the apps folder, why are the games .rar? how do you install a .rar game?
The .rar is a type of extension/file who have in it the original archive compressed, in other words, you open that .rar file and it are the archive.
Thats why the gcfs are in .rar because the rar compress the file and you can add a password and a description to the file too.

For install games in .rar firts install WinRAR, then do double click in the .rar, in a new window you will see the gcf/gcfs, move/extract the gcf/gcfs to the steampps and done.
huh? when you do double click it what happen, what error appears, maybe you need a password for it or the file are corrupted or is only a part and you need the other parts.
Then find the password or download the file fron another site, you cant do anything more. (Well you can try to use a rar password bruteforcer but not recommended)
Because you have a Normal Steam, for run the games needs a Cracked Steam or a Emulator, search for a Cracked Steam/Cracked files or a Emulator, install/use it and then you will be able to play the games.