Reading a Virus Scan Report

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by deltatsunami, June 23, 2008.

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    I've seen people examine files and they think its a virus/trojan/malware once they see one scanner detect it. Here's how you actually read it. AVs often detect packed, binded, or crypted files as "malware" (like the freesteam client). A lot of programs are packed so that they don't take up that much space on your HDD, so popular packers like UPX sometimes show up on AVs since malware also is packed and crypted.

    Whenever you see something is detected because of a "binder/packer/crypter", think about it. If it just is packed, disregard this because 99% of the time the AV is talking bullshit.

    Just keep a look out for "IRC", "Bot", and "Dropper". Otherwise, use your common sense to determine if it is infected or not.
  2. .ISO

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    Very helpful for newbies here.
  3. rushil01

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    rofl i doubt they will read it though. If they can't use the search function im pretty sure they won't be able to find this.
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    QFT tbh.
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