Reccommended First-person shooters that match specs.


My specs:

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.33GHz

RAM: 1.5 GB

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition,
32-bit (Build Service Pack 26002)

Video Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
Video RAM: 256.0 MB
3D: Yes
Hardware T&L: No
Pixel Shader version: 2.0

Direct Version: 10.0

Sound Card: SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC


Please I'm bored and failed to find a interesting First-Person Shooter.

I've already been on the "Can You Run It?" website and Hardware T&L hurts my computer performance but I grow tired of searching.

BTW: I found a video card but do not know if my computer can handle it:

PNY GeForce 210 Video Card - 512MB DDR2, PCI-Express 2.0, DVI, HDMI, VGA, Low Profile

I found the video card here:


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theres barebones counter strike, theres the cliched Halo 1/2 , a shooter called Wolfteam which is personally one of my favourites due to interesting gameplay. call of duty all the way up to 4, i think 5 and 6 will lag alot. mostly its your CPU and the video card


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Video Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
Video RAM: 256.0 MB
I sense crappy gfx card.

I'm pretty sure you can play any source engine game or mod.
Check out Goldrak's thread,you'll certainly find atleast something for yourself.

Try Bioshock,it's a cool game.

If you're going to buy new shit,then go ahead and buy new computer or build one yourself.Also get W7 *Cough* TPB *Cough*.


Okay then can you find me a cheap card? I liked this one since it was only $49.99. :eek:

But, no one is answering my question. IF I got a new video card, how would I know if my computer can handle it?

On the front of the computer it says "512 MB DDR2" I don't know if it means RAM or video or anything. I'm pretty sure I'm a noob on computer hardware. All I really want is to have at least minimum requirements to play Call of Duty World at War. That's all I really want.

Here are my stats from "Can You Run It?" website for WAW:



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The 512 DDR 2 is the RAM. You'll need to check the manual/specs or find a program to see what expansions slot your PC uses, it's probably a PCI-E port but it may be AGP.


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That test tells us nothing you need to either look in the manual for the specs,use a real diagnostic tool or tell us the exact model of PC you have.


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i'm just having MAJOR computer problems right now. i had vista and it would freeze at the loading screen when booting. i got windows 7 and installed it and that froze at the loading screen too. I'm running Ubuntu off of a disc right now and it told me my hard drive has 1759 bad sectors and it is going to fail and i need to replace it immediately. i also tried to install ubuntu to a partition on my portable hard drive so i can actually download and install stuff and that wouldn't work either. so basically all i have is internet access right now. this is a family computer and my parents are blaming this all on me. soooo yeah