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  1. Rix

    Rix New Member

    What is it?
    It allows steambuster to run HL2:EP1 without using real steam to extract the minimum footprint. ie. fully offline.

    K, How do i use it?
    Run Hl2:Ep1 in steam buster.
    It will quits complaining about a gameinfo.txt file.
    Extract the contents of the rar to your steampps folder overwriting any exiting files.
    Run Hl2:Ep1 in steam buster again.


    In case you havent realized by now its basicly the missing files that steam emu cant extract yet.
    I know, its only a small fix but im buggered if the lack of a 200 k file is gonna force me to start steam.
    I thought you might feel the same.
  2. KingPin18

    KingPin18 New Member


    I have download me Steam Buster and extract the files into Steam/steamapps/(Accountname)/

    But Steam Buster cant find the game and i cant start it ;(
  3. b2k5

    b2k5 Epic|b2k5

    this is only a fix(!). u need more then just steam buster + fix. what about the gcfs?
  4. MiNdAr

    MiNdAr New Member

    shut up b2k5 :p jks

    good work thow but there is a few fixes all ready out there soz
  5. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    ty rix mate :D, had probs with SB good job thou bud
  6. gordon freeman.

    gordon freeman. Full Member

    1. Download at www.ke0.info at categiats cracked steam files 2.Select Steam Buster
    3. extract it in any steam folder
  7. gordon freeman.

    gordon freeman. Full Member

    that web site ke0 gaming arena download files click downloads
  8. warhead0

    warhead0 Full Member

    didnt work for me

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