[REL] VAC2 Bypass GUI by p3ng3l (26.04.07)


[ Respected ]
With this tool you can "bypass" VAC2 and play with your cracked steam all games, on all servers. Start CS 1.6, run the tool, config it and start. It will login into a VAc2 Secured Server until you�re ingame, this can take a few hours, so you must try to get more people doing this on the same time :)


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MegaUpload - http://iimnys2dp3wdomdve.usercash.com
All join by this program!

How to run it?
- Set launch options from CS1.6 to: -windowed -w 640
- Try to join a vac2 server and wait until the "
account does not own this game"-message appears
- Then go to the program, check "Scan Pixel-Checksume" and click on "Check".
- Then press start
You guys should use a botnet script along with that so that way anyone with that program would be helping you get into the server. although I dont know if that would be possible without making the bots go into CS:S too.
cause you could get into a server in like 10 sec with like 50 other people doing it.
Well... the botnet wouldn't necessarilly have to attack through CS:S

I have had a small botnet in my posession for some time now... nothing huge.

Pinging auth. servers is really all it takes for this sort of thing.
I really don't understand what this app. actually does.

And what's the point of joining a cracked server with this, Osablood?