Requesting A button


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Could someone make me a

Under 40 KB Big

That says "Admin $6/Month" Or it could say "Admin $6/mo" If you can't fit it.

If it is big enough to have a light Right behind it that would be nice, but Please help me out here.


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"You can earn Processing Time payments at a rate of $0.0005 per minute"

this rate is fucking shit

" Be rewarded simply for being online! Earn over $1 per month just for having your PC online 20 hours a day!"

SHIT $1 per month!!!!

mate this site sounds crap


Im a Pro?
Thats 0.03$ per Hour :D and 0.72$ per Day and 21.6$ per Month and 259.2$ per year :D and 2592.00$ per 10 years!


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I kinda just want my button guys, and Btw I got Accepted in like 1 day when I got the program... so I don't know whats up with you....

Can anyone make my button?


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Dude, be more specific on what you'd like the button to look like. Colours etc... If I get a spare moment, I'll whip something up.


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I don't need the renders, All I want is somethign like that, You told me to be specific so I was....

Also cold you make the background orange and the text white, Then I'll be all set. That will look better.