Requesting New Toolbar for YASAMM


Hi all you artistic guys out there ...

I need a new toolbar for YASAMM the current one I'm using is comprised of 16 x 16 pixel buttons - but larger ones may be more appropriate.


Button "ToolTips" from L-R

1. Go to web home page
2. Borrow a library account

3. Add new Steam account
4. Edit existing Steam account
5. Delete existing Steam account

6. P2P Server not connected - press to connect (alternates with #7)
7. P2P Server connected - press to disconnect (alternates with #6)
8. Contact a friend using P2P Server.

9. Listen Server Stopped, press to Start (alternates with #10)
10. Listen Server Running, press to Stop. (alternates with #9)
11. Contact a friend using an IP Address

12. Set Options
13. Get some help ... (link to web FAQ)
14. About - VNetcafe Steam Account Manager (aka YASAMM)

15. Exit the application
(16. Blank template from Visual Studio)

Any help with graphics of reworded ToolTips would be appreciated.


P.S. I'll also post this at rin


Geezuz guys,

There must be a few of you better at paintshop than me :rolleyes: (and with time on your hands).

OK let's start simple ..
I need a 16 x 16 pixel (or 24 x 24 pixel) image that can be used to exit the application ..
Can you do better than this ?

Now another one - for adding a new Steam account to the application ...
Come on - it can't be hard to better this one (I found it on the net :rolleyes:).

Here's another - for editing an existing Steam account ...
See simple eh ?

OK and of course we will need a Delete Steam account ..
The old favourite "trash bin"

Guys, I don't care where you get these images but they have to be an improvement on what I'm using.