REVOLUTiON Emulator Linux v2.7RC1 - Oct 10 2009


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    • And other retired devs who may have worked on RevEmu
    Current RevEmu developers

  • Ability to choose TF2 weapons
  • Your server will accept all players
  • All players will be validated and assigned theirs unique Steam ID
  • No other server patch is required (like VUP or REV_PATCH)

  • Why am I getting the error: " SteamStartValidatingUserIDTicket: Returned ESteamError 25"?
    • This is because RevEmu cant find the external module. You must set it to but instead bin/

  • 2.7 RC1 - 10.10.2009
    • Brought up to date with Windows version
    2.6 RC1 - 21.05.2009
    • Added Steam2 validation library
    • Removed VUP mode since it is no longer needed
    • Added the INSTALL file to the package
    • Updated rev.cfg
    2.5 - 03.05.2009
    • Added support for new games
    • Fixed a bug where the server would reject the revEmu connecting client
    • Fixed a bug where non-legit connecting players wouldn't get displayed on Valve Master Server with use of external module
    • Fixed a bug where revEmu would read config from rev.cfg improperly
    • Other minor bug fixes
    • Refresh, proper version 2.3
    • Some bug fixes
    • Added support for new games
    • Fixed a bug where some users wouldn't be able to use unlocked items on TF2 server in some cases
    • Added Scout unlocks for TF2 server
    • Added an option to disable unlocked items in TF2
    • Updated the game server to recognize the new revEmu 9.74 clients correctly
    • Added game server policy rules so server hosters can choose which clients to accept


  • RevEmu Linux 2.7
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so this is only used if you have your own server?

why is linux in the name can this only be used on linux?


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