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File Name: REVOLUTiON Emulator Windows
File Submitter: RevCrew
File Submitted: 05 Sep 2009
File Updated: 15 Oct 2009
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  • Ability for cracked clients to choose TF2 weapons
  • Play all Valve games and mods extracted
  • Play all Valve games and mods from GCFs
  • Your server will accept all players
  • All players will be validated and assigned their unique Steam ID
  • No other server patch is required (like VUP or REV_PATCH)
  • Automated mounting of language and optional (e.g. Half-Life High Definition) GCFs
  • Support for multiple Cache Paths (your GCFS do not have to be located in a single folder)
  • Support for source engine 64-bit content (HL2/Lostcoast)
  • Support for Source SDK
How to use

  • For GCF-Based games
    • 1. Download and install GCFPrep.
    • 2. Copy an updated ClientRegistry.blob from STEAM folder to GCFPREP folder, overwriting the prevoius one
    • 3. Copy the latest revEmu (steam.dll, steamclient.dll, rev.ini) into GCFPREP\Emulator\revEmu folder
    • 4. Start GCFPrep, make sure all checkboxes in the main window are checked
    • 5. Select your game from the list, make sure "revEmu by REVOLUTiON + Steamclient" is selected in "Emulator" field
    • 6. Click the green "Play" icon in the lower right corner of the screen to install it.
    • 7. Navigate to the folder where you installed the game, play.
    • Important: You have to repeat steps 2 through 7 each time the game is updated

    For stand-alone extracted games
    • 1. Extract files from appropriate cache files (you can do this manually with GCFExplorer / GCFScape, or you can use other programs to do that for you (such as GCE by RBPFC1, GCFPrep by Mitsukarina, etc) Use your preferred method, just make sure ALL files are up-to-date
    • 2. If your game is using the Source engine, copy steamclient.dll to GAMEDIR\bin folder (NOTE! Not GAMEDIR\GAME\bin !!!) Otherwise, copy it into GAMEDIR folder, where the executable is.
    • 3. Copy rev.ini and Steam.dll to the GAMEDIR folder, where the executable is.
    • 4. Open rev.ini, set "CacheEnabled=False" and "SteamClient=True". Set other options if you need to.
    • 5. Start your game and play.
    • Important: You have to repeat all steps each time you want to update the game
Frequently Asked Questions [The FAQ]

Updated: 26.11.2008.

  • What can I do with this?
    • The REVOLUTiON emulator provides you with the ability to host a cracked dedicated/listenserver for both HL and SRC engines without using any other patch. It also enables you to play all Valve games and mods, with no need for STEAM client.

    How to use this?
    • Follow simple instructions from INSTALL.TXT which is included in the archive.

    Can I use this without extracting files from GCFs ?
    • Yes, make sure you have configured rev.ini correctly. See rev.ini for details.

    Is this enough to host a cracked server which everyone can join and play on without problems?
    • Yes. You don't need any other crack or patcher.

    Why do clients get "LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)" when trying to connect to my server?
    • You have started a dedicated server with "sv_lan 1" setting, or you have started a listen server through game menu.

      If using dedicated server, specify "sv_lan 0" in your dedicated server commandline.

      If trying to host a listen server, don't start it through game menu. Use the console and type "sv_lan 0", "maxplayers X", "map X" respectively.

      Alternatively, open cstrike\listenserver.cfg and add "sv_lan 0" without quotes.

    My game \ server crashes on startup with error: <Insert Error>
    • Download and install the Visual C++ 8.0 redistributable package. Get it HERE!

    Why can't STEAM clients connect to my server? They get "Error verifying UserID ticket" \ "No Steam Logon" \ etc errors.
    • You either don't have rev.ini file included in the same directory where Steam.dll is, or "SteamDll" parameter in rev.ini is not set.

      Open rev.ini and uncomment \ add "SteamDll" value to point to your original Steam.dll.

      If you don't have rev.ini, create it where steam.dll is, and add this to it:
      • [Emulator]


      where {path_to_original_steam_dll} is, for example, "D:\Steam\Steam.dll"

      If this is about the newer games, make sure "SteamClient" is set to "True" in rev.ini

    What do you mean by "original steam.dll" ?
    • It's a steam.dll that came with your STEAM client.

    I don't have STEAM installed! How do I get the original steam.dll ? Do I have to install STEAM ?
    • No, you don't have to install STEAM. Do the following:
      • 1) Run "hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game {your_game} -dir {your_dir} (wait for it to finish)"

        2) Rename "Steam.dll" to "originalsteam.dll"

        3) Extract the contents of rev-emu archive to {your_dir}

        4) Open "rev.ini" and edit "SteamDll", like this: "SteamDll=originalsteam.dll"

    My Source 2007 game (TF2, GARRYSMOD, ...) displays error "Steam beta must be running..." in serverbrowser, or similar error. Why?
    • You haven't set SteamClient value to True, in rev.ini configuration file.

      If you have, re-extract the emulator files, making sure steamclient.dll is extracted along with steam.dll

    My clients get STEAM_ID_PENDING !! What's wrong ?
    • The emulator doesn't support user ID validation for your game yet. Bear with it.

    Left4Dead doesn't correctly! It says Steam is not running / you must be logged in to Steam
    • Replace left4dead.exe with this file. Also, are you playing with hl2.exe? Delete hl2.exe, you don't need it!

    Where to find rev.ini?
    • It is usually included with the latest emulator release. If not, you can ask someone to send it to you

  • v9.81 R3 - 15.10.2009
    • Fixed Left 4 Dead crash
    v9.81 R2 - 22.09.2009
    • Fixed CS:S crash
    • Hopefully some stability fixes
    • Favourites improvement
    v9.81 - 19.09.2009
    • Fixed hlds +map problems
    • Server Browser / favourites fixes
    • Added items.bin from bir3yk
    • ReadMe updated
    • Maybe some more stuff
    v9.80 RC2 - 09.09.2009
    • Fixed most ServerBrowser Favourites bugs
    • TF2 items bug fixed
    • User item preference gets saved
    v9.80 RC1 - 31.08.2009
    • Fixed a lot of issues arround the GameServer
    • Fixed ServerBrowser Favourites (still a few bugs here and there)
    • Cracked users can now choose their TF2 items
    v9.79 - 21.07.2009
    • Updated interfaces needed for the latest games to work properly
    • Players information should be displayed correctly now (GameTracker, HLstatsX, ...)
    • Fixed a bug where the DLL specified in ClientDLL wouldn't be able to read from steam_appid.txt
    • Removed "AddFavoriteGame" support for games which use SteamMatchMaking006 temporarily due to a bug

    v9.78 RC3 - 05.07.2009
    • Legit Steam users now have access to their own user items when playing on your server (they aren't affected by DisableUnlockedItems setting - they always get their items)
    • Game Server policy rules now apply even if you use ClientDLL setting
    • Fixed few bugs caused by ClientDLL setting
    • Changed the interface definition so now revEmu can only use Steam's steamclient.dll as ClientDLL; do NOT use steamclient.dll from "dedicated server.gcf" as it will surely crash your server.
    • Fixed few bugs caused by the latest (RC2) update - you can now create L4D lobby again

    v9.78 RC2 - 17.05.2009
    • Updated the Steam2 user validation to recognize new revEmu clients

    v9.78 RC1 - 11.05.2009
    • Added the ability to use the serverbrowser located in the original steamclient. (Must use ClientDll option)

    • Minor bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the emulator would crash if you posted a callback with a plugin
    • Fixed a bug where no-steam players wouldn't get displayed on Valve Master Server, with use of external module. For real this time
    • Added revApps.ini to the package; you can use it instead of ClientRegistry.blob for GCF-based games

    • Fixed a bug where platform.gcf wouldn't be mounted correctly for GoldSrc games, where revApps.ini was used instead of ClientRegistry.blob
    • Removed the code which determines the appid automatically; you will have to specify the appid when launching the game with -appid parameter
    • Added support for new games
    • Fixed a bug where the server would reject the revEmu connecting client
    • Fixed several other GameServer related bugs

    • General bug fixes
    • Reporting correct player information when using the original steamclient (finally)

    • Added support for newer games

    • Fixed some plugin problems when posting a callback (hopefully)
    • Re-Implemented the stats module

    • Added support for newer games

    • Fixed several SteamID related bugs
    • Added some game server policy rules, so you can choose who to accept
    • Fixed a crash Vista users were having with TF2
    • Fixed a bug where TF2 would crash if DisableUnlockedItems was set to True

    • Team Fortress 2 will not crash anymore when you try to switch weapons (which you can't do anyway)
    • Fixed a fps drop which appeared in the latest version
    • Dedicated servers should not report appID as "205" anymore
    • Fixed a minor bug in gameserver code when the external module is used

    • Added the scout unlocked items in Team Fortress 2
    • Fixed a bug where users wouldn't get their items unlocked on a game server
    • Fixed a bug where some 3rd party games couldn't get loaded with Loader
    • Fixed some minor bugs in client - server communication
    • Added the ability to use the external ClientDLL with all dedicated servers (NOTE: Not listen servers!)

    28.02.2009 (steamclient)
    • Added support for SteamGameServer external module

    22.02.2009 (steamclient)
    • Updated the interface to work with the latest update for Source 2007 engine
    • Added an option to disable unlocked items (see rev.ini)

    08.02.2009 (steam)
    • Fixed a bug where Steam AppID would be improperly reported to Left4Dead dedicated server

    08.02.2009 (steamclient)
    • Added implementation for SteamRemoteStorage (allows developers to make modules for it)
    • Game Server running the emulator will reject clients with old emulator.

    04.02.2009 (steam + steamclient)
    • Steam AppID will now be reported correctly (needed for HLSW etc)

    04.02.2009 (steamclient)
    • Fixed a bug where Rev Emu user would not send his SteamID to game server (causing STEAM_ID_PENDING)
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't specify steamclient.dll from Steam as your ClientDLL

    03.02.2009 (steamclient)
    • Fixed crash when adding bots in Day of Defeat: Source / Team Fortress 2
    • Source Engine 2007 servers now (finally) assign Steam IDs to players
    • All servers can now be listed on Valve Master Servers
    • All servers can now use VAC
    • All servers can now assign regular SteamID to Steam client users
    • Added an option to use game server related functions from original steamclient.dll. See rev.ini for more details

    03.02.2009 (steam)
    • Changed the rev emu validation to work with the new identification system in steamclient

    15.01.2009 (steamclient)
    • Partially implemented user stats.
    • Added support for external modules. The external modules SDK is available at: REVOLUTiON Crew &bull; Login

    15.01.2009 (steam)
    • Added support for proper steam user stats implementation

    26.11.2008 (steam)
    • Fixed crash at sdklauncher.exe startup
    • Fixed language cache files not being mounted correctly
    • Fixed optional cache files not being mounted correctly in some cases
    • Added support for mounting GCF files larger than 2048 MB
    • Added minidump functions for debugging purposes
    • Enhanced the logging for debugging purposes

    26.11.2008 (steamclient)
    • Added support for newest games
    • Enabled achievements and loadout in TF2
    • Removed the serverbrowser due to various stability issues
    • Game Servers will now be listed as insecure, due to compatibility issues with some plugins
    • Fixed some memory management issues with Windows Vista
    15.06.2008 (steam)
    • Fixed Condition Zero not working correctly
    • Added SteamUser to rev.ini to allow customisation of the Steam User Account
    • Corrected incorrect parameters with SteamRefreshMinimumFootprintFiles
    • Corrected return for dummied SteamProcessCall
    • Implimented SteamGetAppStats
    • Implimented SteamGetAppIDs
    • Implimented SteamSetUser
    • Implimented SteamGetUser
    • Implimented SteamEnumerateAppLaunchOption
    • Implimented SteamLaunchApp

    25.05.2008 (steam)
    • Fixed some model error issues in various games
    • Fixed numerous problems with multi-language support
    • Added support for multiple Cache Paths. Your GCFS do not have to be located in a single folder - split cache paths by the ; delimiter e.g. c:\gcf;c:\gcf2

    12.05.2008 (steamclient)
    • Fixed crash when creating servers with source engine 2007
    • Fixed problems with source engine 2007 content crashing after the latest engine update

    12.05.2008 (steam)
    • Added 64bit emulator for source engine 64-bit games (HL2/Lostcoast)
    • Fixed Dark Messiah running in censored mode
    • Improved Cache file memory management

    20.04.2008 (steamclient)
    • Fixed few bugs with Favorite and History servers

    20.04.2008 (steam)
    • You can now change case of executable files, emu will detect them correctly (reported by Vit_amiN)
    • Added cache support, you can now play all steam games from GCFs (see rev.ini)
    • Fixed few minor bugs in Misc code which caused some games (Darwinia for example) to display weird errors upon exiting.

    30.03.2008 (steamclient)
    • Fixed crash on loading a map in HL2 (possibly other non-src2007 singleplayer games)
    • Fixed favorites feature for older valve engines (for real). However, there are some limitations:
      • Changes to favorites servers list apply only after restarting the game.
      • You can't remove a server from favorites unless you do it manually by deleting it from serverbrowser.vdf

    28.03.2008 (steamclient)
    • Fixed possible crash on exit
    • Added full serverbrowser support
    • Restored favorite servers functionality in older games (NOT TESTED)

    04.03.2008 (steamclient)
    • Fixed a crash which would happen after the user would quit the game, after the recent source engine 2007 update.

    • Included steamclient emulator
    • Your source dedicated server will now appear in master server even if original steam.dll is not set

    • Fixed srcds.exe \ hlds.exe crashing when started with -console parameter while Logging was enabled.
    • Fixed source dedicated server not appearing in master server list

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