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REVOLUTiON Loader v2.2 - May 1st 2009

Discussion in 'Clients Cracks And Launchers' started by revCrew, November 8, 2009.

  1. revCrew

    revCrew FS Member

    Play all Steam games without Steam!

    INSTALL wrote:
    • Extract the contents of this package to where your game is installed.
    • You can launch revLoader in two ways:
      • 1) Create a shortcut to revLoader and apply the following command line options:
        • -appid <APPID> where <APPID> is the application in question.
          • If supplied revLoader will create a steam_appid.txt file with the value specified.
          -launch <PROCNAME> where <PROCNAME> is the executable to launch
          • All other command line options are passed through to the launched executable, so:

            revLoader.exe -appid 12345 -launch MyApp.exe -silent /help

            This will create a steam_appid.txt file with the value 12345 Before launching MyApp.exe with the arguments -silent /help
        2) Specify the name of the application to load in the ProcName setting in the rev.ini file.
        • You can also specify the command line if required.

          e.g ProcName=MyApp.exe -silent /help
      • Set the "SteamClientDll" value to the path to your Steam client's original steamclient.dll (optional)

    • If your game doesn't use steamclient.dll, you might consider commenting the option "SteamClientDll".
    • If you specify SteamClientDll value, we recommend you create a file called "steam_appid.txt" and write your game's valid AppID in it, or start revLoader with the -appid option and revLoader will create the steam_appid.txt file for you.
    • Always use the latest steamclient.dll from the revEmu package!
    A lot of thanks go out to Steaming_Noob and Diviton!

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  2. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    So to use this i can either: (correct me if i'm wrong)
    1. make a shortcut ........ i understand this one
    2. go into the rev.ini file and set ProcName= to the name of the game (ex. hl2.exe) AND set the SteamClientDll= to the location of my dll and then launch revLoader.exe?
    what does the steamclient.dll part do? do i have to do this?

    one more thing: what does the -silent /help do?

  3. ChrisTX

    ChrisTX FS Member

    You cannot launch any Valve game using this, it only works for 3rd party games.
    And yes, you need to point SteamClientDll to the DLl.

    That -silent/help thing was just an example how you could pass static parameters to the game.
  4. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    u can launch valve games with revemu though right?
  5. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    If you have GCFs obviously.
  6. ChrisTX

    ChrisTX FS Member

    Any game should work with revemu, this is just a leightweight alternative for 3rd party games.
  7. Spritzer.

    Spritzer. New Member

    Nice, thanks for sharing .
  8. Weho

    Weho New Member

    Trying to run Modern Warfare 2 right, and i tired so many times to get this working to play single player

    This i put this code in a shortcut
    "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Downloads\Compressed\revLoader.exe" -appid 7940 -launch iw4sp.exe -silent /help

    and i changed the directory for the steam steamclient.dll

    Nothing at all, i always get this mesage "unable to execute command iw4sp.exe -silent /help"

    Is there certain types of games this will only work on?
  9. evgon

    evgon New Member

    how would i go about making it run a mod i made? the mod is running as appid 420, which is Ep2... would i need to just copy over the hl2.exe from the hl2 folder?
  10. Qviiriri

    Qviiriri New Member

    This loader worked brilliantly for audiosurf, but it can't run Civ4 Beyond the Sword. I put the files into "common\sid meier's civilization iv beyond the sword\Beyond the Sword", along with original steam.dll, steamclient.dll, tier0_s.dll and vstdlib_s.dll. I created a steam_appid.txt containing "8800" (correct appid), and set ProcName=Civ4BeyondSword.exe, SteamClientDll=steamclient.dll.

    However, when I run revLoader.exe, I get an error box titled "Steam Error", that just says "Application load error P:0000065434".

    EDIT: Scratch that, audiosurf doesn't really work, it just waits until you try and start a new game to complain.
  11. kirred

    kirred New Member

  12. ShadowTek

    ShadowTek New Member

    I just wanted to say thank you, this is the greatest small program ever, I HATE steam, just tried it and it worked like a charm, thanks!
  13. ianlim4556

    ianlim4556 New Member

    can it work for shogun 2?
  14. PinHeaDy

    PinHeaDy FS Member

    will it work with the new games ? :)
  15. Bluenog143

    Bluenog143 New Member

    I read and read the directions but I'm still having a hard time getting this to work. The game icon appears and then nothing happens the game doesn't start. If I understand the directions then all I have to do is specify the file path in the rev.ini and the modified steamclient.dll path and then that's it. I'm trying to get brink to work by the way.
  16. Ethang22

    Ethang22 New Member

    Thank you for this post
  17. evoandroidevo

    evoandroidevo New Member

    how do i get this to work for killing floor? i have tried and tried but cant get it to launch
  18. Swartlaaitie

    Swartlaaitie New Member

    This completely actually sucks

    New Steam Games Are Designed To Launch The Game Through Steam No Matter What Emu You Are Using Lol
    Last edited by a moderator: October 5, 2013
  19. StoneyMcpothead

    StoneyMcpothead New Member

    this is now patched has been scence late 09
  20. kur1oso

    kur1oso New Member

    will it works on 2013?
  21. allstars

    allstars New Member

    awesome great work! i searched for this...!
  22. Ragnarsson

    Ragnarsson New Member

    After setting up revolution loader and starting the revloader file nothing happens. There's no error message or anything. It's like it was never activated. Any help or tips on why it is doing this?
  23. Ondoy_got

    Ondoy_got New Member

    The steamclientdll is just optional
    So, if you want to do it

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