Rip Hl2 games and create servers


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Q: What is this whole tutorial about?
A: This Tutorial will show you how to host a cracked HL2 server, how to rip steam games and how to update your ripped steam games without having any GCF file (=files which contain the game data).

Q: Why did you make these batch files for downloading and updating the server data for the games?
A: Because on the site of Steam there was the instruction to make a shortcut including his e-mail and so on. These batch files are just making it easier to download the contents, without requesting for an e-mail or other stuff.

Q: And why did you do all this?
A: Because I wanted to have a fully ripped HL2 collection (CSS, DODS, HL2DM, HL2) to play it with my friends. But the big problem was that the latest cracked dedicated server did not support the old versions which are on the net. So I wanted to make my own up to date release. I thought “why shouldn’t I share my experiences with some other on the net” and so here we are!

How to create a cracked Half-Life 2 server
1. Download the Half-Life 2 server client from
Steam Server
2. Unpack the contents of the Half-Life 2 server into a folder.
3. Download my download and update tools ([email protected]) and copy the files into the server folder.
4. Chose one of my files (counter-strike - , day of defeat source - , half-life 2 deathmatch downloader and updater) to download the latest files for the server.
5. After downloading all the necessary game files download the latest server crack from PROViSiON ( or from another group (e. g. REVOLUTiON
6. Copy the cracked files into your server folder.
7. You are done! Now you should have a fully cracked server on which legal and illegal clients can join.
8. If you click the srcds.exe the server won’t start? Here’s the solution: Make a shortcut of srcds.exe and include the parameter –game cstrike . Then you should be able to start the server and host a game.

Every time you want to update your server or check the version or redownload the contents just run my batch files (Counter-Strike downloader and updater.bat, Day of Defeat Source downloader and updater.bat, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch downloader and updater.bat).

How to rip source games from Steam
1. You should have legal Steam account with the purchased games you want to play.
2. Download the games if you have not already downloaded them.
3. Download the latest version of GCF Scrape from
4. Copy your SteamApps folder, which is normally located in the installation folder of steam, into a new folder. This recommended, because if Steam is running or the files are used by a program, you could get some errors extracting the GCF files.
5. Install GCFScrape and open the GCF files (located in SteamApps). Make new folder e. g. called Extracted or something like that. In this folder you should extract the gcf files in this order: 1. source engine.gcf, base source engine 2.gcf, half-life 2 content.gcf, source materials.gcf, source models.gcf, source sounds.gcf and the last one platform.gcf. Platform.gcf is a special one, because it contains already the subfolders of the platform folder. So make sure to extract the content of platform.gcf into a folder called platform in your chosen directory with the extracted game data. (E. g. you extracted everything into the folder “Extract” then you have to put the files from platform.gcf into “Extract\platform”).
All These files are the basics for most Half-Life 2 based games.
6. If you want to play a game like Counter-Strike Source you also have to unpack all GCF files with the name of the game (e.g. counter-strike source client / shared).
7. After extracting all the files you just have to copy a Half-Life 2 crack (e.g. from PROViSiON or REVOLUTiON) into the ripped games folder. But have a look first if the version matches.
8. If the groups didn’t crack the game already you might have search for a Steam emulator, so that you can at least play the game.

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