Rogue Legacy Update Released

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    Rogue Legacy v1.0.13

    Major Changes:
    - Implemented some non-trivial optimizations to increase game performance.
    (Smarter sprite batching)
    (Merged several spritesheets to reduce texture swapping)
    (Additional minor tweaks to reduce GPU load).
    - Fixed bug where corrupt backup saves would get players into endless save corruption loops.
    - Forced flushing to OS stream for backup files to (hopefully) reduce the chances of a backup save corrupting.

    General fixes:
    - Fixed bug where gold would very rarely go into the negatives, resulting in a crash.
    - Removed normal mapping effects from the content pipeline.
    - Fixed bug where you could exit the axe carnival room, resulting in odd game behaviour.
    - Fixed bug where you could talk to shop keeps and architect while in mid-dash, resulting in a crash.
    - Fixed bug where beating the last boss would zero out your traits.
    - Fixed bug where money bags were not animating properly upon landing.
    - Fixed bug where beating the game with the compass item would result in a crash when starting a new game.

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