ROW - Rest of the World

Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by WorldWarIII, April 18, 2008.

  1. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

  2. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    ok, are you in that group ?
  3. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Not yet, I hardly ever log in to my legit account.
  4. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    Thanks for posting WW3, I've been a member there on my legit account for awhile so fucking join everyone!
  5. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    I figured you would be an admin :p
  6. ukrainiansniperz

    ukrainiansniperz .:Spets:.

    Haha nicee i'll join ya ;D

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