Run Steam With Proxy [Tutorial] p3ng3l


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The easiest way to do this is using a VPN-Network. But you can also use a proxy (for example socks 5)! Get proxies here: Proxy List 1 - Proxy 4 Free - Protect Your Online Privacy! or use google!

1) Download FreeCap and the vidalia bundle and install it.
2) Start vidalia (green onion in the systray) and drag&drop or add Steam.exe to freecap.
3) Go in freecap to settings and switch default proxy to with port 9050, activate socks 5 and apply.
4) Now you can run steam and it should work with proxy!
I think its for if u were using a program that constantly does stuff with steams connections... Like p3ng3ls account hacker...or keysteam.. I think that steam can ip ban u after many multiple connections