Sanctum 2 Updated

2013-07-30 Patch notes! (v1.1.21077)

-> Added new game-mode: Sandbox mode! Set your own rules on enemy HP, resource gain and disable or enable the tower cap!

-> Targeting mode perk removed... Now you can ALWAYS set targeting mode. We also improved the presentation of the perk, it looks a little bit better in the GUI now, and we’re going to improve it in coming patches as well.

->Added pause button in the Pause menu

->Sweet passive now lower health regeneration rate on enemies with 50% to make her more viable on long survival runs/5 FoS runs with regenerating enemies

->Mutators and Fiskeplaske now give more XP when killed.

->Updated client hit feedback, you should now see the damage text of all your pellets for the shotgun

->Focus tower now always tries to hold the same enemy for as long as possible, also prefers enemies with highest MaxHP
->ACP tweaked, it now deals less damage but hits much faster to make it better at killing crowds of small enemies, such as runners, snorkers, walker pups, etc.

->Showing players resources in the party-list ingame
->New localization added: Japanese
->Now the game starts with the language you have steam set to the first time you start it
->Set lifetime on all projectiles so that they die if not hitting anything after a while

->Slow field mine mesh on tower is now properly visible on the tower
->Balista projectiles doesn't slip through tower bases anymore
->Hit effect Secondary fire on sniper should now be more visible
->Mines don't randomly explode on client anymore. Lol sorry about that
->Correct detection for gamepad when shutting down pause-menu (before the glyphs was showing keyboard glyps untill a button was pressed)
->You get correct highlight when aiming on level 3 focus-tower now