Secure p2p netowrking :D

From what I see, it seems like a great idea / program. The program itself runs smooth, also has a nice and nub friendly interface. Nothing too harsh for anyone to learn and has its advantage with the privacy. Im liking this program more and more now that I think of it.
lawl what if its new program by fbi.
that woulda been epic.
imagine amount of lol in their department, thats like mexicans jumping right into jail
Nice and negative just how I like it. Regardless, this applications source can be grabbed according to . So if there would be anything fishy about this java based app, people in scene or whom find this project interesting would be able to glance at the source or re-compile their own. At least this is what I imagine can be done.

[Havent gone through the complete repository, but I was able to get to the source's.]

I still like the program and aim to use it in the future.

But I do not discredit the fact that it could be used as such. [Even if that would be entrapment.]