Selling 7 digit 14 game account.


[ Respected ]
Im asking for $50 for the account.
Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch is $30
Half-Life 2 is $20
Half-Life: Source, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source is $10
CS 1.6 is $10
Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force, Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift is $15

So in total the account is worth about $85 just for the games on it.
Anything less then about $45 and I would be selling the account for half what its worth.
That account probably won't sell for more than $40 max... on average I'd expect it to go for around $20-$30. You have to remember, unless it's a low digit account, the account will remain a low price.
And why will it remain low price?

Becuase people can go and buy almost the same account with their own money and not have to worrie about hassles or scams, i would either wait to sell that account, or sell it cheap.