Selling x digit? A lil info?


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I have been browsing the Marketplace in this forum and have come across several threads marked " selling x digit blah blah".

This ia probably a noob question, but what does that mean? The more digits the better? the less the better?:confused::confused:

Please shead some light on this noobling!:eek:
Well more digits= the account is newer. Less digits= the account is old. ;).
Its no different, if you play just for fun, makes no sense a account to buy with just 5 digits...
Ive often thought about this i think its just a geek thing, seems everyone is trying to find an account with "1337" spelt in numbers. weird and sad.
If anyone buys that account they really are quite sad, $300+ for an account with 2 games just because it has 4 "digits" lol cmon people.