Serious Sam 3 Update Released

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    Build 174448 for Serious Sam 3 is released.
    If you have previously opted into public beta, you already have this. For all others, here is the list of changes:

    - Linux: Added log messages for connected gamepads.
    - Linux: Added inp_bLogGamepadEvents cvar for logging gamepad events.
    - Linux: Fixed crashes on some window managers due to missing Xlib atoms.
    - Added support for OpenGL tearing in VSync via 'ogl_bVSyncTearing' cvar. When cvar is on, screen refresh will wait for number of retraces specified via 'gfx_iWaitVSyncs' cvar and if more vertical retraces passed, will not wait for next one, but will do swap as soon as possible.
    - Fixed wrong report of utilized OpenGL extensions.
    - Slider widgets in color options menu are now enabled/disabled depending on support of gamma-correction also, not only full-screen or window mode.
    - Fixed resolution downsizing not downsizing some buffer in-game causing more GPU memory usage than needed.
    - Fixed command bindings not displaying properly in spectator view HUD.
    - Added news feed to start screen.
    - Editor: Fixed crash when exporting textures.
    - Editor: Khnum and Aircraft puppets no longer ignore lethal damage. This allows Killer entity as well as macro functions such as DropDead() to affect these puppets.
    - Editor: Added a new macro function to base entity: InflictWeaponDamage(). This function deals damage equivalent to one produced by any given weapon.


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