Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Update Released

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, March 23, 2010.

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    A significant update to Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, has been released today that adds a deathmatch mode and new content.

    Update includes:

    • Added deathmatch mode
    • Added 7 deathmatch levels
    • Added 22 Steam Achievements
    • Added support for spectators. Can spectate from preset per-level cameras, or from other players.
    • New "game overlay" menu is now used instead of the old player list. It offers:
    • - Stats and sorting for different game modes (coop/deathmatch),
    • - Shows player status as loading, spectating or playing,
    • - Shows "Host" in the ping column for the host player,
    • - Display overlay while playing in the background, or lock into full UI,
    • - Customizable single or double tap toggle,
    • - Game details display with game rules and customized settings,
    • - Mouse access,
    • - Vote kick/ban players directly from the list.
    • Server details display with customized settings in server list.
    • Added support for custom map rotation lists.
    • Voting of customized difficulty in cooperative.
    • Customize view smoothing in spectator mode and demo playback using plr_fSpectatorLerpingFactor.
    • chatSay() cfunc (alias "Say") allows scriptable chatting. (Spam prevention system is included.)
    • Dedicated server operator (logged in through rcon) can chat with players.
    • Added ser_ulMaxClientBPS cvar, which imposes an upper limit on bandwidth used per client (in bytes per second) on a server.
    • +exec Lua code can now set values of cvars that are not yet declared. To be able to do that, all accesses to Lua global vars are forbidden. To create/access Lua globals, use a predefined "globals" table.
    • Player's weapon is not bobbing any more when player "walks" in the air.
    • Separate setting for autochange weapon in multiplayer games.
    • Added binding for toggling last selected weapon.
    • Added support for achievement progress display.
    • Fixed crashes when invoking samVoteIsEnabled, samVoteDisable and samVoteEnable from the console.
    • Removed F4 keyboard shortcut for invoking options menu (it collided with voting).
    • Fixed random crashes and lockups on exit that would happen if user exited the server list menu, while it was still searching for more servers.Player join/leave/kill messages, as well as all chat messages, are now writen to the log file in a parser-friendly format.

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