Serious Sam HD: TSE Update Released

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, March 29, 2013.

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    Build 179841 for Serious Sam HD: TSE is now released.

    - Prepared code for Steam Workshop support.
    - Changed Mesh Importing to prepare the Serious Sam HD editor to load files from the forthcoming exporter for classics.
    - Added console variable to show/hide chat messages.
    - Fixed an issue that could cause a weapon to sometimes fire on the next frame, not exactly when fire press was detected. This was random, and is not generally noticeable, but could theoretically feel better now.
    - Multiplayer: Added speedhack detection. Players caught using speed hacks will be marked as cheated in the player list.
    - Multiplayer: When a vote is running to kick/timeban a player, and that particular player leaves the game, the vote will now fail.
    - Multiplayer: Swapped knife and chainsaw in versus modes when pressing "1" for weapon selection.
    - Multiplayer: Changed hit range for knife and chainsaw to be smaller in versus modes.
    - Server: Added gamKickByIP, which can be used to kick players by their IP (environment UID).
    - Editor: Fixed erroneous calculation of object guide box handle size.


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