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i get the server busy error message when downloading games and when i try to play CSS it says that the account doesn't own the game. will downloading the GCF files solve these problems?
1є For fix the server busy error message need the most updated GCFs.
2є For the account doesn't own the game buy a legit copy of the game/s.
ah ok ... thanks is it like that valve cafe account or something...

Yes. But to answer the thread starters question. You most probably won't be able to download games through steam without receiving the "Server busy" message, that's why you download GFC files.

"This account doesn't own the game" message will not disappear and you will not be able to play on VAC2 server unless you own the game legitimately.

Play on cracked servers OR buy the games you want to play online ;)
ah see.. I hate that Account doesn't own this game thing.. omg..

and I've downloaded original Counter-Strike Anthology it's a copy from the original Counter-strike Anthology CD from Valve.

I've installed Star-steam first then I've mounted those two original images with Daemon Tools 4.11, installed it at my Star-Steams Steamapps directory... and when it finished installation I've open my star-steam logged into my cracked account and all of the downloads froze up on a different percentage it was like 79%, 93%. and nothing was happening ...

and the guy told me he's done this thing and it works on a VAC2 servers you can play. Those 4 games included the CD ---> Counter-Strike 1.6, COunter-Strike Condition Zero&Deleted Scenes and half-life.....

But if you install this cd to original steam's steamapps directory it will ask you FOR A CD-KEY at the end of the installation.... as you can see it doesn't ask you for that on a cracked star-steam..

hey thanks for the help guys. but will i still be able to get some free games if i buy css and use it on the same account or will steam jus ban me?
If you use a legit account in conjunction with a steam crack (most probably the undeadpatch) Yes, eventually steam will ban you're legit account. IF however you make 2 steam installation directories, and from the second one rename the main folder and delete you private details such as clientregistry.blob and you Steamapps account folder, you can patch you're second installation and have a cracked account. When you want to play legit, you just run the steam from the original installation.

If you want a taste of online VAC2 servers, I recommend you talk to Campstaff about his "Rage" accounts. He is legit.
thx dude, i kinda get it but can u pm me with some more specific instructions on how to do that?
yh Rage accounts for some cashy....

nothing is free in this world what is good and works, sometimes you feel the taste of the good for free and from good people who just want to make their selfs proud and show to the people that they can do what we cannot.

Like killyou and p3ng3l all of these coders/programmers who I've seen on this forum...
Well done guys and keep it cool, waiting for something special from you lol :)
Really Appreciate your work = tools/progs.

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