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Discussion in 'Computers & Servers' started by koro, November 13, 2007.

  1. koro

    koro New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Next year I will be opening a gaming cafe and i want to build a server to load it with CS:S for local play and Internet.

    I need some help with this (16 or 20 slots):

    CPU to use
    How much Memory
    Internet speed connection

    Looking forward to use FreeSteam. Thank You!
  2. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Oh wow! Sweet dude, that would be a huge help to spread FreeSteam. I have been running Dedicated Servers for 3 years and I have quit a lot of experience. I just never paid for a real server. I could help you with server features for fun and everything! I would love to work with you configuring the server. Add me to Xfire: xdementorx

    I will see about the server statistics. I will reply back soon.
  3. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Go here to rent a sweet CSS server. I have worked with these before. The are really good servers, and their fully customizable.
  4. irfoot

    irfoot New Member

    In the UK?
  5. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

  6. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    I kinda like better. :) I find it easier for nubs.
  7. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    Really depends where your hosting it from.
  8. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

    If he's putting it in a cafe, he should not bother renting one from a hosting website.
    His best bet is to host it on the same PC he is hosting the CAS application.
    The server box should have 512MB-1GB of memory
    a Pentium 4 or above (P3s work in a pinch)
    and your internet speed should be a t1 or t3. (c'mon it's a gaming cafe)
  9. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    You will get a hell of a lot better performance with 1GB RAM. P4 HT at least. t3 will also be the best, but t1 is a good start.
  10. koro

    koro New Member

    Thank you everyone for your replies, i checked and I kinda like it but will it let me join with FreeSteam? or like a cracked server or something?
    It appears that they install the server and you only 'use' it. (configure, mod, etc..)

    If it's too hard to get it working, i would have to do the server and run it local only.. with bots. (not hard to do). What if i would like to have another cafe miles away to access it, using internet, something like the DNS stuff? With cracked CS:S in every computer, that's the main idea. [cs:s cracked + server cracked = local and online play] ?
  11. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Actually if you used you can access the servers files and folders easily. Like I's easier for nubs and you could do anything you ever wanted to do with it. But I agree too with Obelisk and W3, both of these ideas are good starts. Koro, you should def buy a server for FreeSteam. Population would be quite large. :) And someone else could help you crack the server.
  12. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

    Ahh, so no CAS then.
    xD, I was kinda hoping you would bee able to export a certificate for me.
    In that case it's still better to run it on a local machine and forward the game port to the web.
  13. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    Thx koro for adding me to xfire. I will help you today. I'll give you my special custom zip file for special custom servers. :)
  14. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    T1 is good start, I agree lol. They run 4 schools in my town off one line and the internet is still real fast (~2000-3000 computers).
  15. derek48838

    derek48838 New Member

    But all of those computers arn't pulling at the same time. And 2000-3000 IS either an exaggeration or, The internet at your school is hella slow, becuase T1 Is not that fast to run 2k computers

    On the cafe, I would say you don't need even a whole box for 2 servers. I mean a whole box can normally support 5 Games on it at 16 slots if I'm correct w/o lagging.
  16. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    No its not an exaggeration, and the internet is fast.
  17. koro

    koro New Member

    OK, just got a css server from Currently it is only 14 slot server, 100 tick. got it to test any FreeSteam application necesary. right now i havent done anything yet. i was thinking about a GunGame DeatMatch and some customized quake sounds.. please post if anybody wants to join the administrator for this one, we can experiment and do just about anything with it. pst.
  18. derek48838

    derek48838 New Member

    Yes it is. A T1 Cannot Run that Fast with that many Computers, Case closed
  19. Mike The Hedgehog

    Mike The Hedgehog FS Member

    Well it's interesting that someone here got a Cafe thing.
  20. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    as far as I concerned nobody here has gotten a cafe thingy :D i mean the entire cafe directory, they might have just random working accounts which haven't been shut down a long time ago but that's about it
  21. derek48838

    derek48838 New Member

    I really don't think you read the post. I think your just trying to get a high post count by posting on old threads.

    The gaming cafe is a "server" he wants to open. Not A Cafe Account...
  22. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    I DO!!!!! :D:D:D:D
  23. catdog

    catdog FS Member

  24. derek48838

    derek48838 New Member

    Whoopdie doo
  25. Mike{noob}

    Mike{noob} New Member

  26. Lordkil

    Lordkil FS Member

  27. hot_wired13

    hot_wired13 FS Member

    Your cafe should probably.. well, the bandwidth you will need is determined by how many computers you intend to have online (i.e, internet) at the same time. Settle for a gigabit switch for local/LAN play. Should be more than sufficient.

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