Shattered Horizon Firepower Weapons Pack Released

Updates to Shattered Horizon have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The update adds the Firepower weapons pack to the game.

New content:
Five primary weapons: Railgun, Machinegun, Assault Rifle, SMG and Shotgun
Three sidearms: Pistol, Grenade Pistol and Moon Mining Pick
Three new grenades: Flare, Pulse and Decoy

You choose your primary weapon before you spawn and carry that weapon until you are killed. You can select the weapon for your next spawn at any time by pressing the F1 key. All primary weapons and the pistol have sights you can use by pressing MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON for greater aiming precision. Regardless of which primary weapon you choose you always have access to your sidearms: a pistol, grenade pistol and a melee weapon.

You can read more about the different weapons and their characteristics by downloading the updated game manual from Steam or from

  • Bullet flight time is now accurately modeled for each weapon
    meaning you will need to lead targets that are far away.
  • Tracers now accurately show where your bullets are going.
  • Reloading animation can now be interrupted by other actions such as
    melee, boost or switching weapons.
  • Added a range meter on the HUD when using the Grenade Pistol.
  • Changes to HUD layout to accommodate new weapons.
  • Changes to default key bindings.Added options in sh.settings file to change filtering and pingback
    in server browser.