Should I buy a DX10 Graphics Card now?


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Or they're still too much ($300)? As you can see I'm just running on built-in NVIDIA graphics that has 512 memory from my ram. I wanted those 8800 GTX cards that can go up to 1gb...I'm just thinking if it's worth it since I haven't even finish playing Half Life 2...or most of the games steam has to offer. And I usually play the old games like Fallout 1 & 2...just reminiscing.
I have an 8800 GTX right now it is fine well... some games it doesnt work they need to fix there drivers but other than that i get awesome fps ingame
Fine fine I'll wait. Hahaha. Vasuki, your only complaint is not enough support yet right? But it'll be supported by every game later on anyway right?
Wait till the end of the year, i've heard that then is the time cards are going to be made and sold that will benfit the latest games.

Edit: Also beta drivers for vi$ta i find suck at the mo. but then there beta so lollololol.
I don't have a video card and all I have is a cs account because my cert config was in my inbox before the old forums went down. I don't think I can retrieve it. So I'm stuck with playing cs...and without a video card. I'm just using software mode.