Should public cheats be available?

Add cheats to FS? (FSC)

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I understand many of you don't support cheating, but it could be a decent idea for people who want to mess around or rage. Also, it could bring even more people here to FS. The downloads would most likely be done through FSC, so it wouldn't be directly on FS.
i don't really see much point to having public ones. They get Vac'd really easily and then the board will get flooded by idiots going "Oh No!!! My friend borrowed my account and he hacked with it and now its Vac Banned... Can you give me a steam account hacker or a way to play on Vac 2 servers"

A private hack thingy might not be to bad of an idea which could be part of another package like the cafe system is.
I don't really want private hacks here. We are affiliated with the site I was going to sell Epic to, but I figure a public hack database wouldn't be too bad, with updates, of course. It could work quite nicely.
your the boss lol. I don't explicitly have a problem with the whole idea, but rather with the postibility of those pricks who are gonna start bitching that they got Banned
Im totaly with rushil on this one and agree with all his points, ive voted "dont care" not to be funny but just to say its up to the boss because i wont use them and can be to much hassle providing updates etc
Well, although this is old, still the votes don't really favor us having them here. So it will not be added, thanks for your participation.
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