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    In the space of ten minutes, I made a simple Menu to choose between launching Steam normally and launching Steam through SteamUp! and other launchers. Made in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express edition.

    Steam Menu v0.4
    2shared - download Steam Menu.7z

    Put Steam Menu.exe in the C:\Program Files\Steam. You can put the shortcut on the desktop if you want.

    Steam Menu v0.4 Project

    Just the project files for Visual Basic 08.

    If you cannot open the archives, download and install 7zip here


    v0.4 - added Steam icon to shortcut

    v0.3 - added self close
    2shared - download Steam Menu.7z

    v0.2 - added support for DSMP, added version number
    2shared - download Steam Menu.7z

    v0.1 - first release
    2shared - download Steam Menu.7z
    2shared - download Steam Menu Project Files.7z

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