Site Going Offline - May 21st 2008

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The FS website + forums will be offline (not accessible) to our members, guests, and other users. This is because of site updates that will be taken place. No data loss will occur, and the downtime should not last very long.

Not sure on when exactly it will occur, but most likely around 21:00 PST (-8 GMT).

Changes to includes:
- Forums modifications and updates.
- Homepage to be added and implemented.
- Work to clean out some of these forums, etc will be done and put into a 'Public Garbage Dump'. This will keep the threads viewable by members, but it will not allow new posts.
- Skin modifications will be made to reflect changes to Steam forums, but only certain things will be taken. However, many fixes will be applied.
- The FS IRC will be given a big update to increase idlers. Cafe time possibly given to those who idle often.
- Other small changes and fixes will be applied as well.

A report on all of the changes in detail will be provided once completed.
Not open for further replies.