Sleep :\


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lol, lately ive been having trouble getting too sleep, lying in bed for over 2 hours sometimes just waiting to sleep, is there anything that can make me sleep faster

other than:

choking my self
hanging my self
Killing my self.

lols :(

wake up at 6:30 every morning and get off the computer.........go to the basketball like mee
and limit computer time to 2 hours if possible.....dont sit up past 11 pm..
6am >.> I wake up at like 10-12 and am always late for shit then i try sleep at 11 but stay awake till 1-2am
hmm... lay off the computer an hour before you sleep. read a book (a really boring one, a history book will be good) and if your really desperate, read a dictionary.
well if your internet is shitty than your life is shitty because your internet is your life obviously.[/b]
and if you think that your life is shitty because you think you can get a rise out of insulting people
lol brendan, you are just unfortunate this time.

you can also lay on your bed and listen to your mp3 player.
wow... you think 4.5mbps is bad? Mine's 1.5mbps... a friend who has cable has 8.5mbps. Once FiOS makes its way to my neighborhood, It'll be 30mbps

And what do you even need 10mbps for? Almost all sites cap download speeds at 190KB/s... it's only really good for multiple downloads at a time
I'd rather have primetime's internet. And also MrDeride. Sites for your 1.5 mb connection cap out at 190KB/s. I got about the same results as primetime on my speed test and I download from most websites at over 4MB/s.