Smashball Update Update Released

Get the Big Smashball Update on Steam Now!

Now available on Steam: a major update to the free team-based shooter, Smashball.

We've made combat a lot more important. Now you have time to pound the other team into hamburger while you try to score.

  • Increased weapon damage.
  • Changed fumbles, knockouts to be almost entirely dependent on health; not as random as before.Scaled down all map sizes and player speeds to reduce the effectiveness of fast breaks.


  • Instant replay shows a slow-motion replay of the last few seconds of play when a score is made.Two new maps: Cargo Bay Six and Spiral are now open for ball-smashing!
We've received tons of player feedback since our June 2009 release, and we've been slaving over a hot compiler the whole time. Come enjoy the juicy, meaty fruits of our labor!