some questions and problems i need to solve


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hi i have posted these questions on the other help seccion but this one seens more apropriate.
im new arround here but not new using cracked steam but still i have some problems that i cant solve so i hope that some people in here my help me:
1. i would like to play a mod called dystopia (many people may know him) but i need source sdk base, i have downloaded the one in this forum but the thing is when i open my steam the app is not 100%-ready and of course i cant update it ( everyone should know why servers r busy ) i would like to know if there is any way to put source sdk base 100%-ready.
2.a friend of me let me instal the gcf files of is sin episodes cd into my pc but still the game is not 100%-ready there is any way to make this work to??
3.some time ago i was able to play cs 1.6 and HL1 in the cracked steam but i had to format my pc and now i cant because of the error of the servers theres any to make these work as well??

thank you for reading my questions and i hope that someone can give the solution to these problems. thank you all

1. create a info file of your gcf, post it, someone will make a .patch file, patch your gcf, done

2. they have to be decrypted/updated; no way to do that but to have the game in a legit account

3. there are many server errors, which one you mean here?
thank you for answering im going to explain the.
1. whats an info file??
i have downloaded the patch file of the source sdk base ( i found a link in this forum ) but i dont know what i do with it explain me please what i do with the file.

3. i found the problem if i use pacsteam insted of the cracked steam i can play HL1 and CS 1.6 but thankx any away.