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  1. northwoodbayou

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    I know you mods probably hate newbs coming into your forum, i looked at the gcf post below mine that was made, all i want is CS 1.6 and TFC, what is exactly is a gcf, and where on that site ( can i find them
  2. Deride

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    GCFs are basically a file that corresponds with a certain game. To download CS 1.6, you need the CS 1.6 GCF: /steam/SteamApps/XXXXXX.GCF

    For downloading HL2: Episode 1, you might wanna look at one of the tutorials in these forums.

    And to navigate

    - Click in the top right for English ver. of the page
    - Righthand corner for Forum

    I can't make it much simpler than that.
  3. dizlow

    dizlow Full Member

    Can you guys post a link to a really good Tutorial? What I need to download a game, where those downloads are etc.. I'm totally newb at this, and all I want is cs 1.6 to my friend that dosnt has it, no account eaither.. but could make one.. Dosnt matter if it is Vac-Banned or not ! And for me I would like G-mod , if that works.. Please pm me , need big help !
  4. BleakObelisk

    BleakObelisk [ Respected ]

    GCFs are Game Content Files. They are game files stored in a virtual file system developed by valve. They greatly simplify the download process for steam games.

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