Source Filmmaker Released

Source Filmmaker version has been released. This update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Animationset Editor:
  • added reordering selected animationsets in the animationset editor via drag and drop
  • added show scene hierarchy option to animationset editor, along with scene management functionality (grouping, reordering, reparenting)
  • added model/particle/camera/light icons to the animationset editor
  • added visible and selectable columns to animationset editor control tree
  • fixed body group menu in animationset editor to set body groups correctly (and by name!)
  • added Instance Particle System and Edit Particle System menu items to animationset editor's context menu
  • fixed multi-second hang when selecting animationsets with lots of controls
  • fixed control changes (deleting animationsets, for example) to update selection (and control sliders)
  • added copy/paste of animationsets with rigs and locks (although locks are removed in the process)

  • Timeline:
    • off-frame film clip detection now more strict
    • film clip operations should now force all modified film clips to be on frame boundaries
    • fixed UI elements from appearing to expand/contract while playing (especially noticeable with bookmarks)
    • extract phonemes now only extracts from selected sound clips, rather than all sound clips with waveform shown

  • Graph Editor:
    • locking transform controls now properly updates curves in graph editor
    • improved speed of creating keys
    • undo now preserves tangent types

  • Motion Editor:
    • paste samples now matches controls between different models if no model matches were found
    • paste samples now matches based only on control type if only one control is selected

  • Viewport:
    • fixed translation in motion editor when control's orientation (only) is locked to another control
    • camera manipulation now switches to the work camera if there’s no shot camera, instead of showing a warning dialog

  • Element Viewer:
    • fixed intermittent problem where tree items would be replaced with other unrelated tree items
    • fixed element viewer's Export Particle System Definition to put all child definitions in pcf file's definitions list

  • Script Editor:
    • script editor UI improvements
    • fixed script interface to return time selection in correct time frame

  • Misc:
    • added hint to nvidia driver to use dedicated graphics card in an optimus configuration
    • rewrote look and feel of UI by removing Qt stylesheets in favor of faster and more robust QStyle
    • fixed sound picker to list mp3s
    • fixed a variety of crashes
    • added plugins for Maya 2013 and removed plugins for Maya 2011