Source Filmmaker Released

Source Filmmaker version has been released. This update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • added support for publishing models and sounds to the workshop, and downloading subscribed models and sounds from the workshop
  • subscribed models can be auto-determined with the Show Used Workshop Items menu item
  • can now publish images and video to any Valve game's hub, not just to the SFM's (the SFM game hub now shows all images and videos published FROM the SFM, even if they've been published TO other game hubs)

  • Maya:
    • improved Maya startup scripts that are version-specific and take no arguments
    • added sfmValveSetup.mel script that can be run if you're not using the startup scripts
    • added new vstShrinkWrap command in the vstUtils.mll plugin
    • added new DMX Export Manager to simplify the process of exporting and compiling models

  • Animationset Editor:
    • fixed hidden menu item in animationset editor to work in hierarchy view
    • removed redundant selectable menu item in animationset editor
    • added selectable icon to animationset editor for group dags that can have partially selectable state, and can be clicked to set all control groups selectable or not selectable
    • added Unlock Transforms menu item that unlocks all selected transforms at once
    • animationset editor now should update when data is changed out from under it (via undo, element viewer, scripts, etc

  • Misc:
    • improved nvidia optimus detection
    • asset pickers’ filter can now be multiple words
    • added simple DmeTextFX overlay effect clip type for adding custom (scrollable) text
    • expanded SFM_DefaultAnimationGroups.txt to include controls for more models
    • hlmv: tooltip over flex combo box now includes name of current flex name
    • misc crash fixes