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Source GCFS

Discussion in 'GCFs/NCFs ( Game Files )' started by got_pearls, July 18, 2007.

  1. got_pearls

    got_pearls New Member

    I have all the GCFS required for CSS (i guess!) and when i use steamrip2 to play it tell gives me an error that u donot have the required GCFS

    can any one give me the list of the GCFS.
  2. The-No0n3

    The-No0n3 Full Member

    Look @ my signature :)

    ZUKMAN New Member

    Don't use f*king SteamRIP 2. This is unworkable tool.
    USE STEAMRIP 1 or steamemu
    U need this files:
    * counter-strike source shared.gcf
    * counter-strike source client.gcf
    * base source engine 2.gcf
    * Source Shared Securom.gcf (maid not be required)
    * source engine.gcf
    * source materials.gcf
    * source models.gcf
    * source sounds.gcf

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