SpellForce 2 - Faith in Destiny Update Released

A SpellForce 2 - Faith in Destiny update has been released which includes the following.

Patch v2.26

+ Coop/Free Game Mode Added
- Resume campaign button was shown up if savegames from SF2/DS are present
- Domination menu was shown when return from skirmish game
- Several issue on LAN/INet play
- Avatar savegame issue on LAN/INet
+ FXAA implemented
+ Improved visual of the Nameless faction
+ Screen noise implemented
+ Sharpen implemented to improve image qualitiy
+ Color grading
- Glow issue fixed / improve glow (chromatic aberration)
- Blur menu effect now also works on log and menu buttons
+ Improve shadow quality
- Shader switch removed (always at maximum)
+ New config_fid.xml added
- Several small fixes
+ Scenarios support added
+ Buy option for Scenarios implemented
+ Steamworks Upgrade
+ New Script Actions & Conditions implemented (Conditions: IsSpecialSkillTreeEnabled/IsSpecialSkillTreeDisabled & GameDifficulty, Actions: SpecialSkillTreeEnable/SpecialSkillTreeDisable)