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    Current Staff We Are Recruiting:

    - GFX designers/artists - To make us banners sigs etc... -Coders - Must have advanced knowledge of your own language(s) and be able to work with Steam software and/or games.
    -Financial Backers - Be able to donate money consistently and provide us with funds when needed. As many of our items are costly. This doesn't technically give you a staff position, however, we can work out some terms.
    -PHP/SQL Coders/Server Techs - Must be able to show a vast knowledge in the fields we need. We are looking for people who can code PHP well and find errors / security leaks easily. Also, be able to secure SQL/Servers. Any security person in general may fit this position.

    // ------------------
    // Copy Below
    // ------------------
    [B]First Name:[/B]
    [B]Position Requesting:[/B]
    [B]Reason for wanting position:[/B]
    [B]I agree to EULA:[/B]
    // ------------------
    // Copy Above
    // ------------------

    End User License Agreements (EULA):
    I agree to follow all rules, regulations, and guidelines of these forums, the FS Network, and this EULA. By agreeing to the EULA you agree to all terms stated above and below. You agree to not leak any material provided to you because of your membership position. This includes and source codes, programs, exploits, or any other material that is not to be leaked out to any other members, sites, etc. You agree that anything you release on FS is the rightful property of the FS Network and can be used in anyway the Owners (WorldWarIII, Echo419, and Erix920) see fit. You may be removed at anytime for being inactive, not trustworthy, breaking forum rules, or for any other reason that anyone within the administration or Owners find.
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